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Welcome to “Heart-warming Port”

No matter how much time passes,
I want to value interaction with one another and the relationship it builds.
We live in an age where there is less interaction,
but I wanted a “place” where I could feel the warmth of people.

A place with good food and fun conversation.
A place that makes everyone feel safe and relieved.
A place to explore the world and discover yourself.
A place where everyone can be happy

And the “port” for those who needs some fuel,
then get the power to sail for their own world again.

“Heartful-Port (Heart-warming Port)” was born to become such a place in 2014.
“Heartful-Port” used to be our grandmother’s room. But after she passed away,
it was renovated into a cafe to serve the community.

Many people gather for lunch or coffee,
but even make friends amongst the customers.

We host many events like concerts, book talks, mini-market to sell handmade goods, seminars, and meet up parties.
Many involved are looking to contribute back to the community.

We also plan to host events for foreigners to experience Japanese culture and traditional cooking.
We welcome you and hope to have a great time together!

We are open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, from noon〜5:00 p.m.
For further information, please contact us below: